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5 Great Arm Workouts You Can Do With Dumbbells

Arms are without a doubt the most pleasing and sought after feature when it comes to bodybuilding. As we speak thousands of people are skipping legs in favor of arm workouts. Some might argue that it’s the chest…But there’s just no body part that looks as good as a well-developed bicep in a well-fitted T-shirt. To all chest crusaders out there, let’s just say that we agree to disagree on this one.

With the popularity and demand for a perfect pair of arms comes a long list of arm exercises and workouts that everyone thinks everyone should be doing. Needless to say that a lot of these exercises are not worth your time. That’s why today we’re giving you the ultimate list of the best arm exercises that target your most important arm muscles like and make them fuller, wider, and thicker to really give you that jacked aesthetic. And there’s no better way to do them than without the most versatile gym and arguably best gym equipment–dumbbells.

Introducing–The Dumbbell.

The dumbbell- most versatile gym equippment ever?

The ultimate gym currency. Any self-respecting gym has a decent number of dumbbells and still–it’s never enough. People rush for dumbbells like moths to flame, or kids to an ice-cream truck in the 90s.

So here’s a tip: Any day you’re planning to use these workouts we’re about to show you to train your arms, go a little earlier than you actually intended because we can bet you that all the dumbbells would be taken and you would most likely have to either wait for one with a sweaty grip or pry it from the hands of an unconscious gym bro. And even that is no easy feat.

You’ll also need

Gym gear: Lifting belts, gloves, grip pad straps.

Why are these important?

You’re going to be using the dumbbells for a long period of time, and holding them tightly while you’re at it too.

When you do this, you’re prone to getting really painful blisters or injuries on your hands and fingers which can make you drop the weight if you’re not careful. They also help you maintain proper form and grip on your dumbbells during your exercise so you don’t wind up having an unfortunate but totally avoidable accident.

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Now, back to the exercises.

5.The Alternating Cross Body Curl

This exercise is great and yet-still underrated. By doing this arm workout, you can effectively work out and develop one of the most skipped but important arm muscles–the brachialis. The brachialis is important as an arm muscle because it gives your arms that wideness that really complements your arms and entire upper body in general.

How to perform

  • Grip the dumbbells in a neutral grip at your side with a dumbbell in each hand
  • Lean forward so your body has a slight bend and you can really engage your brachialis
  • Curl the dumbbells across your body instead of doing a traditional dumbbell curl or bicep curl
  • Make sure your stopping position is your opposite pec
  • Return the dumbbells to starting position
  • Repeat this process

4.Single Arm Overhead Triceps Extension

Why is this exercise super handy? Well, imagine you’re a little early to the gym and now all the sizeable dumbbells are off the dumbbell rack and are in use when you’re in desperate need of a quick workout. With the Single Arm Overhead Triceps Extension, you can whip out the much smaller weights and still get a good workout. And you also don’t need a bench. You can perform this arm workout seated or in the standing position.

How to perform

  • Grab your dumbbell- light dumbbells, heavy dumbbells; it doesn’t matter. Plus you only need the one
  • Raise your dumbbells overhead then lower it to your back
  • Keep your elbow joint action in check; you don’t want your elbows pointing out, but rather keep them locked in place with slow, controlled motion
  • Extend your elbow until your arms are almost over your head
  • Repeat this process

3. Dumbbell Kneeling Preacher Curls

Third on the list of dumbbell arm exercises is a variation of the world-famous Preacher Curls invented by Vince Gironda and most effectively used by the first ever Mr. Olympia; Larry Scott. For this exercise, you take a kneeling position, and like the tricep extension, you only need one dumbbell. So if you’re ever in a pinch for dumbbells you can always crank this one out.

How to perform

  • Take a bent kneeling position with your arms stretched out just at your knees with your dumbbell in a 2 handed underhand grip
  • Curl the dumbbell to your chin
  • Make sure you control the downward movement to really hit that biceps brachii muscle
  • Repeat this workout

2. Bent Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Got a thing for size? Think bigger is better? We got you. With the Bent Dumbbell Lateral Raises you can go real heavy on your arm workouts and really get a good arm workout that does a lot of great things for your shoulders. You also perform this exercise standing so there’s no need for you to worry about getting a bench.

How to perform

  • Lean slightly forward with your arms bent and your palms facing each other with a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Raise the dumbbells up to your shoulder level
  • Lower the dumbbells back down to your starting position and you’ve successfully carried out a dumbbell lateral raise
  • Repeat this procedure

1.Concentration Dumbbell Curl

Also known as bicep curls, this exercise helps to drastically improve your arm strength and gives a super pump. Stay strapped, you’re going to need a lot of focus for this one.

How to perform

  • Take a sitting position on a bench with your knees slightly apart.
  • Grab a dumbbell with an underhanded grip and make sure your tricep is just touching your inner thigh
  • You can place your other arm on your opposite knee for balance
  • Slowly curl the dumbbell up toward your upper body or toward your chest muscles
  • Squeeze at the top for a second to really engage those arm muscles
  • Bring the weight back down in a fluid but controlled motion.
  • Repeat for reps


Remember this: Good, effective exercises work. But, if you don’t give it your all and give your body a reason to grow, it won’t!

That aside, enjoy your arm workout, with these dumbbell arm exercises and most importantly, make sure to do these exercises correctly!

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