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7 Ways Lifting Weights Will Change Your Life Forever

What’s so special about lifting weights? How does lifting heavy stuff and putting them back down do anything for your life at all asides from getting you big muscles?

The waking up at 6am, or driving to the gym just after work, the people in the gym, and then there’s the muscle soreness…

All these things sound really painful and inconvenient… so the question is:

How can lifting weights be…good?

1. Lifting weights can increase your performance in your workplace

Eyeing a promotion at work? Want a raise?

Lifting weights can help you achieve all this and more.

It’s not to say immediately you start lifting weights, you’re guaranteed to get a raise. Truth is no one from your workplace is really interested if you lift weights or not.

But waking up every morning, hitting the gym, and really sticking to your weight training program does wonders for you when it comes to building the right mindset.

According to this LinkedIn article, lifting weights helps you

  • Increase your confidence
  • Develop immense self-discipline
  • Push yourself to your limits

These attributes can be easily taken to the workplace and used to complete all your tasks in record time and get you noticed by your boss or the right people so you can become a guy everyone can rely on or look up to in the workplace.

Once that happens, you’ll be destined to get a raise or promotion in no time at all.

2. Lifting weights helps you save money

Dollars spent on ambulances, and medication becomes a thing of the past when you lift weights frequently.

It’s common knowledge that healthcare is really expensive in the US.

In fact, as as 2020, the average US citizen spent just under $12,000 a year on healthcare. $4,000 more than any other high-income nation on the planet.

So how can lifting lighter weights or any weights at all help you save any money at all?

When you lift weights you

  • Strengthen your joints and bones, lowering your risk of injury during accidents or falls
  • Improve your heart health
  • Manage your blood sugar levels so you don’t spend a fortune on insulin
  • Lose weight so you spend less on more expensive larger sizes
  • Promote cardiovascular health and blood flow

When you lift weights you enjoy overall health benefits that enable you to save a lot of money on healthcare compared to the average American citizen.

3. Lifting weights makes you smarter

The stereotype that gym bros or people with huge muscles are just a bunch of meatheads is actually pretty false, according to several scientific research.

People who lift weights have been shown to have improved cognitive function such as faster processing speed and better memory as well as a higher resistance to age-related neurodegenerative diseases when compared to people who do not lift weights.

So before you judge the next gym bro, think twice. His IQ might actually be much higher than yours.

Don’t look away- this gym bro may be smarter than you are.

4.Lifting weights improves your mood

Obviously, nobody can be in a good mood 24/7… but lifting weights sure helps you come close enough.

Multiple studies have shown that strength training may help to reduce anxiety and boost your mood by releasing mood-boosting endorphins, which can play a role in a positive mood, especially when you lift heavier weights.

5. Lifting weights can help with better stress management

Nobody can live a 100% stress-free life. But when you lift weights, you can cope a whole lot better.

First, your brain will release more endorphins or happy hormones which help to keep tiredness and stress at bay.

Second, high stress levels is mainly caused by high presence or levels of oxidative hormones that can cause damage to your cells.

when you lift weights, your body releases anti-oxidant hormones to mop up these harmful oxidative hormones that can cause you harm and make your stress levels to go through the roof.

6. Lifting weights makes you stronger

And we don’t mean just by how much you’re able to lift.

When you lift weights you become more durable, have higher endurance, and last longer during sex and in the office.

When everyone’s panting and has office fatigue you’re going to be one of the only people still trucking away 7 hours in.

Tasks like moving furniture, cleaning your apartment, carrying several heavy bags from the grocery store, and running around with your kids become light work.

All from sticking with your workout routine.

7. Lifting weights makes you more confident

Whether its the added muscle mass, fat loss, or both, resistance training can help you build confidence immensely.

All of a sudden you’ll find yourself smashing goals, getting more confident, and feeling good about yourself with each muscle growth milestone or progress you make with your weight training exercises.


Many people talk about going to the gym to start lifting weights, but very few actually start and even fewer see it through.

So here are some tips you can use to start weight training and improve your overall quality of life.

Get a personal trainer

A certified personal trainer can help you a whole lot especially when it comes to proper form, motivation, and setting up a proper weight training program for you.

Most people start hitting the gym but give up in no time because they are not making any progress.

A personal trainer will help you save time and money.

Be patient

Don’t expect results in one day. Or even two weeks. Lift weights and give your muscles time to adapt so you can start reaping the rewards.

Start slow

Thinking you can get twice the benefits by lifting twice the weight is just bad math. Start slow, improve your muscle strength and work your way up.

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