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Book Review: Balanced Arms

Sleeve busting Arms, we all want them! I remember the first time I saw the film Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1987, and all I remember was how mesmerized I was about the size of Arnold’s arms! They were gigantic, and as a young boy, I dreamt of having huge arms too! I’m sure you can relate. Who doesn’t want huge arms? It’s probably one of the main reasons why most youngsters get into the Iron Game. Well, fortunately for us, Vince Gironda taught us how to build huge arms fast! His Balanced Arms booklet is the quick cheats guide to growing massive guns!!

The Best of Golden Era Knowledge on Building Arms

What’s great about this specialization course is that it is based on the knowledge and tried and tested programs that worked for the silver and golden era pioneers of the sport. Understanding that the likes of Larry Scott, Don Howorth, Freddy Ortiz and Arnold Schwarzenegger used the exercises listed in this program should convince you of it’s effectiveness. All of these men possessed phenomenal arm development. What’s more, Vince experimented on himself first, and then these bodybuilders, to see the arm building potential of these exercises. The book is dedicated to Larry Scott, who no doubt also heavily influenced Vince’s principle.

Sleeve Busting Arm Exercises

The exercises listed in the book Balanced Arms include those that in Vince’s opinion, are superior at building massive arms. These include the following:

  1. The Preacher Bench Biceps Barbell Curl
  2. The Wide Arm Body Drag Curl
  3. The Kneeling Triceps Rope Pull
  4. The 90⁰ Rope Pull Triceps Exercise
  5. The Underhand Wrist Curl
  6. The Wide Arm Reverse Curl

As can be seen from the list, the exercises reflect both the knowledge of Vince Gironda and the knowledge of his pupils, such as Larry Scott, who was well known for religiously practicing the Preacher Curl and all it’s varieties. Each exercise is explained in great detail, as well as the routine and frequency, which is vital to the execution of the routine. The books is fully illustrated to help pupils execute each exercise correctly.

Golden Era Tips

Based on Vince’s vast experience, the book is full of Golden Era wisdom on arm training. Although under 20 pages long, the booklet, like all of Vince’s publications, are full of useful tips that one can immediately incorporate into ones workout. For example, some of the tips that Vince gives is to reduce all if not most physical activity, to allow for the arm specialization course to take effect. Another great tip given by Vince is to include or even increase one’s leg workouts, to both increase the metabolism and to increase one’s ability to increase arms size. According to Vince, leg training is vital to increasing the size of one’s arms, and this has been recently proven by science. 

Steak, Eggs and Protein

Of course, Vince also recommend certain diets be followed during this specialization course, and therefore recommends the consumption of copious amounts of eggs and red meat. In fact, at the end of the book there is a full section on correct nutrition and an explanation of the protein requirements that should be followed along with this specialization course.


A guide on correct supplementation is also given, as this will aid in creating an anabolic environment necessary for arm muscle hypertrophy. Tri-germ oils, beef liver and other supplements are recommended, and a supplement course is detailed that is to be followed with this program.

An Awesome Reproduction!

Once again, www.vincegironda.com has done it again! Vince Gironda has come out with a new reproduction that honours the original publication that circulated during the golden years of bodybuilding. Comparing the newly released reproduction of Balanced Arms to my original copy, I can tell you that it is an exact reproduction of the original copy. Every image is the same, and so is every word…even the fonts are the same! Vince Gironda has done a brilliant job at reproducing this timeless classic. 


So if you want to build yourself a big set of guns, grab yourself a copy! You can get your copy today by visiting the shop store, along with many other newly released reproductions of Vince Gironda’s original booklets.

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