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In this blog, I will reveal Larry Scott’s program for gaining massive size. This is perfect for the beginner or bodybuilder who wants to gain more size and maximize their genetic potential.

Larry Scott will long be remembered as the original Golden Weider Boy that graced the covers of Muscle Builder in the early 1960s, when he began his rise to the top of bodybuilding hierarchy.

Although Larry was not blessed with the best bone structure, through the guidance of The Iron Guru Vince Gironda, Larry shaped and developed an impressive physique that won him The Mr. America, Mr. Universe, and Mr. Olympia titles.

I have dealt with many of Larry’s advanced principles of bodybuilding, and in this blog, I would like to once again elaborate on some of his basic principles which relate to the beginner or novice bodybuilder.

Larry believed a novice should ideally be introduced to bodybuilding by incorporating basic movements. After this introductory period though, Larry recommended a bulk routine that could be spaced over 6 days and allowed one to train each body part twice a week.

Taken again from personal letters to Canadian Bodybuilder Wayne Shimane, Larry Scott, now retired and working as a Personal Trainer in the late 70s, recommended the following beginners routine to bulk up.

This routine would give a solid foundation to the beginner, and put on much-needed mass that could later be sculpted and refined.



A. Bench Press

Start with a light poundage. Work up to a maximum poundage, then back down again in a pyramid-like fashion.

Perform 10 sets of 6 reps.

Make sure your 5th and 6th sets are your heaviest sets. Have someone (a training partner) force out those reps.

B. Dips (with weight)

Perform 4 sets of 8 reps

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C. Incline Dumbbell Press

Perform 2 sets of 6 reps

D. Pullover Across Bench with Dumbbell

Perform 3 sets of 10 reps


E1. Chins to Nose on Chinning Bar

E2. Pulldowns on Lat Machine

E3. Long Pull on Lat Machine (Seated Cable Row)

Superset all of these exercises for 4 supersets.

Perform 6 reps of each of the 3 exercises in one superset with no rest in between.

The Long Pull is ideally performed by pulling the bar to the waist with the pulley about 5 feet high or lower in front of you.


F. Squats

Squats, yes squats! Perform 6 sets for 6 reps. Work up to a maximum weight in the 3rd and 4th set using the pyramid system, then work down again. Take as little rest as possible  between sets on squats.

G1. Hamstring Curl

G2. Leg Extension

Perform 3 supersets of Hamstring Curls with Leg Extensions, performing 12 reps of each exercise during each superset.


H1. Sit-Ups

H2. Leg Raises

Alternate both exercises in superset fashion for 4 supersets. Perform 8 reps of each exercise per superset. Do not rest between sets or between supersets! This last session is tough. Start off with less reps if necessary. Perform sit ups with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Sit up until feet just come off the floor.



A. Press Behind the Neck with Barbell

Perform 6 sets of 10 reps.

Start heavy and then go light, again use the pyramid system.

B1. Side Deltoid Raise with Dumbbells

B2. Bent-Over Rear Deltoid Raise with Dumbbells

Superset these 2 last exercises, performing a total of 4 supersets, performing 12 reps per exercise.


C1. Preacher Curl with Barbell

C2. Preacher Curl with Dumbbell

Alternate between these exercises for a total of 4 supersets, performing 6 reps for each exercise.

Perform 4 small movement burns at the top after each set.

No rest between sets, but you can rest between each superset.


D1. Supine Triceps Press with Barbell

D2. Tricep Pressdowns on Lat Machine

Alternate between both of these exercises for a total of 5 supersets, performing 8 reps for each exercise.

Also, perform 4 burns at the top at the end of each set. No rest between sets.


Donkey Calf Raise

Have someone sit on your hips as you bend over with your feet on a 4 inch block of wood. Hold onto something or lean on a bench. Do 5 sets of 25 reps. These are really hard! Start with fewer reps at the beginning, and work up to 25 reps slowly over time.

Goals and Considerations

You must try to achieve a maximum pump on each body part each workout…That is the Main Objective! Using a tape measure after each workout to see how large the muscle has pumped will provide extra incentives to really bomb a workout for maximum pump.

Use a weight that is heavy enough to make the last rep very difficult to perform. You should be working the muscle hard enough each set to feel a definite “burn” in the muscle. If you do not, you are babying yourself or you are using too much weight and your form is suffering. Either error will chase away your maximum potential.

Each rep should be done deliberately and without haste, utilizing full concentration. Each set should be accompanied with the utmost in concentration, not only during the exercise itself but actually between sets as well. You should be concentrating on how you are going to make the next set with that heavy weight and still not use poor form.

Talking, laughing and horseplay are elements of a failure’s workout. Whenever you enter your gym, you should block out all outside activities, all the day’s events, and any worries you may have and give yourself completely to your workout. Once you have finished training and are showering, you may then socialize with your friends.

Make your mind up about your objectives. If you are training for some sport by using barbells to get larger and stronger, but you still want to bodybuild for the sheer enjoyment of getting larger and maybe someday entering a contest, you are never going to go at either. Choose either the sport or bodybuilding. They do not go together. You must completely dedicate yourself to one thing, then really go after it and go it alone.

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