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Starting in the 1960s, Vince Gironda began logging everything he knew about training and nutrition. But this wasn’t theoretical knowledge. It was the direct result of working with hundreds of bodybuilders since his gym doors opened in 1946.  In total, he wrote 17 books, which displayed his incredible knowledge of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and how […]
  1. Nutrition
Traditionally, when a bodybuilder wanted to increase muscle size, they maximized food intake.  This approach to nutrition increased the risk of the bodybuilder losing shape and definition, as a ‘smoothing’ effect occurs due to increased body fat and water retention.  This led Vince Gironda to develop the ‘All  Protein Muscle Building Diet’, which enabled bodybuilders […]
  1. Nutrition
Vince Gironda was well known for his belief in supplementing the diet of the bodybuilder, simply because during modern times, over farming stripped the nutrients from the natural foods that we eat and that were supposed to provide these nutrients. The fact that nutrient content of food is decreasing has detrimental effect on our health, […]