Arnold Schwarzenegger

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In bodybuilding history, sometimes it’s not just the poses that happen on stage. Drama could play out too. Bodybuilding is a sport that has always been surrounded by controversy. Whether it’s the use of performance-enhancing drugs or the judging criteria for competitions, there have been many moments in the history of bodybuilding that have sparked […]
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It’s no secret that the Golden Era of bodybuilding was a time when the world’s greatest physiques were crafted. Everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Lou Ferrigno, Frank Zane, Larry Scott and even mass monsters like Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman set the standard for what a great body could look like and inspired countless gym-goers […]
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Building a massive chest is a goal that many fitness enthusiasts, powerlifters, and bodybuilders strive to achieve. A well-developed chest not only improves overall strength but also enhances one’s physical appearance. Despite the widespread desire for a bigger chest, some may be skeptical about the feasibility of achieving this goal. They may assume that building […]
  1. Golden Era
  2. History
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Written by Dr Juan Carlos Cassano aka The Golden Era Bookworm When we look at comparison shots of Arnold in 1966, to the later Arnold of the late 60s and later still, the early 70s, the size, cuts, and muscular separation are obvious. His quadriceps matured and he had clearly improved on the muscular separation […]
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When we think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s hard not to envisage his massive chest and biceps, pumping iron at Gold’s Gym during the Golden years of Bodybuilding. Much is known about the routines Arnold would use in his competitive career, but not much is known about his initial mass programs. I recently created a video […]
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Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Austrian Oak. The greatest bodybuilder of all time! Arnold has inspired millions if not billions of men around the world to take up bodybuilding, yours truly included. When I remember seeing Arnold as a kid in the movies, I remember seeing his huge arms and enormous chest. That Chest….that barrel-like chest was […]