Starting in the 1960s, Vince Gironda began logging everything he knew about training and nutrition. But this wasn’t theoretical knowledge. It was the direct result of working with hundreds of bodybuilders since his gym doors opened in 1946. 

In total, he wrote 17 books, which displayed his incredible knowledge of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and how he was able to successfully convert this knowledge into results. 

If you want to gain further insight into the methods used in Vince’s Gym to create a wealth of champions, then look no further than his book collection. 

Vince Gironda’s books are legendary for their no-nonsense, actionable advice.

The Iron Guru wasted no time dispensing pearls of wisdom, often in the first sentence of his training and nutrition manuals.

As you read each page of any of his books, you can’t help but be absorbed by his passion for training. He considered bodybuilding an art form, devoting his life to uncovering the best ways to sculpt the most aesthetically-pleasing bodies possible.

You will find his work highly motivating. So don’t be surprised if, at the end of each book, you want to go to the gym immediately and put his training recommendations into practise!

Whilst several of his training, nutrition, and supplementation recommendations are repeated throughout various books, it is just a testament to the fact that he was aware of what worked in the world of bodybuilding…and what didn’t.

This blog post reviews the complete Vince Gironda book collection so you know exactly where to look in order to have your training and nutrition questions answered. 

Vince Gironda’s Book Collection

1. How I Train The Movie Stars

Movie stars need immediate results in the shortest time possible to perform their roles. Get to know and apply Vince’s hardcore two-phase training and nutrition regime to push your muscles to the max and achieve a ripped, natural-looking physique faster.

Buy a copy of “How I Train The Movie Stars” by Vince Gironda:

“The more I read about Vince Gironda on the internet the more I see how much knowledge this man had”

Roy I
  • Train and attain a movie-star physique in as little as 14 days
  • Sure-fire results as the program deals with the body holistically
  • Get the detailed program for a much lower price compared to what the movie stars pay

2. Unleashing the Wild Physique, Vince Gironda

Gym enthusiasts are bombarded with lots of tips and tricks, guides, advice, and techniques, but what they lack? Accuracy. In this classic Vince Gironda training manual, the Iron Guru shares his almost 5-decade long collection of thoughts on the whole body-building culture. Nothing but the truth. And loaded with science-backed accuracy.

“A must-read for anyone interested in sculpting their physique.” – Michael M.

Addresses all the questions you have in mind, including those you even didn’t think of regarding training and nutrition, clothes to wear, steroids, and women’s movement. He doesn’t leave a question unanswered.

  • Almost five decades of worthy reflections and experiences, so you are sure to get only the best practices in the gym handed down to you in one book.
  • Get insider tips from the routines of some of the most incredible bodybuilders in the world, like Larry Scott and Mohamed Makkawy. Hack the secrets of the champions and be one yourself!
  • You get access to Vince Gironda’s workout plan and diet plans, so train and eat like you are the iron guru!
  • Get to know the iron guru as a trainer. Would you get kicked off the best gym in the world?

3. A Muscle Has Four Sides

One of Vince’s greatest discoveries: There is no single exercise to target all parts of the muscle. Each exercise develops only a specific muscle; the barbell preacher curl for low biceps and DB curl for the middle biceps. Until you know what exercise works best with a specific muscle, you’ll fail to achieve your peak muscle size. Get detailed instructions, paired nutrition, and more in this expert guide aimed to reach every muscle of your body that you want to develop.

  • Grow your muscles quickly through a supplemental exceptional nutrition plan
  • Level with a former Mr. Universe winner with 20 years of training experience who confessed that this workout had been the hardest he’d performed 
  • Save time and energy from compiling a list of workouts as you’ll be provided with only the relevant guidance you’ll need to develop each muscle.

Want more information? We dive in deep in our recent A Muscle Has Four Sides review.

4. Mindset of a Superstar Bodybuilder

Most gym enthusiasts think that excellent genes and proper nutrition are the only things in bodybuilding, but having these specific principles is critical. Without one of the other, you’ll never achieve great results. Practice and incorporate this set of principles that the iron guru used himself to guarantee your success.

  • Amplify that ability of yours to build more muscles by taking control and embedding this proven mental formula 
  • Save time, money, and energy by avoiding these common bodybuilding mistakes you probably didn’t know of
  • Get an insider tip on some of the greatest bodybuilders to develop an eye-popping physique

5. The Vince Gironda Workout Bulletin 1st Edition

Are you working more intensely than ever at the gym but seeing little to no success in building your muscles? While this may seem like the right thing to do, it’s counterproductive.

Overcomplicating and mismatching workouts are why beginners struggle to build visually appealing bodies. The secret is to master the fundamentals. Vince goes deep into this concept and provides golden tips to produce the most satisfactory results… even if you’re a beginner.

  • Basic workout plan for beginners that yields maximum results.
  • Get more robust and built muscles the right way
  • Prevent overworking your muscles as precise numbers of repetitions and sets of exercises are given to boost muscle gain and more muscular body

6. Blueprint for Bodybuilders

Be a champion bodybuilder with a unique design planned for you.

Are you aiming for that competition-winning body but don’t know how to start? Have you tried many diet plans and workout routines, but nothing seemed to be working for you? You are given this secret recipe to success; all you need to do is own it. 

“I have this book fantastic, very informative, and great to understand how the great man Vince Gironda advised on building muscle. This is a must-read!”

James Easton
  • Sure-fire tips and results on how to build a sculpted physique only from the maker of champion bodybuilders over the decades
  • Empowered to choose if bodybuilding is a path for you with his teachings and insights
  • Breakthrough from the myths and misconceptions you probably believe in that is present in many gyms today
  • Boost your muscle gains with the list of powerful supplements and food to eat

7. Balanced Arms

Bigger and stronger arms are within your reach.

Most training made available for arm development failed to give what you need: your precious time, energy, and money are put to waste with these unsatisfactory methods. Gain a full understanding of how to develop your arms the sure way.

  • Boost your muscle gains with a list of exact nutritional guidelines you will need
  • Take control of the development of your arms with the list of exercise targeted for each arm muscles
  • Discover how to increase muscle even when you’re sitting comfortably on your couch
  • Save time, money, and energy by avoiding a list of mistakes that could interfere with your muscle development
  • ­Faultless secrets to building muscles that are backed by science

8. Six Week Abdominal Course

Get that chiseled abs and tiny waist without the need to work it out every day. 

Nothing is more misunderstood than abdominal training. Training those abs the wrong way can be frustrating when you fail to achieve a slim waistline. See if you have these wrong beliefs about your abdominals and correct them immediately with this 6-week course.

“A great course and well worth the money.”

Randy L
  • A sure-fire list of abdominal exercises that were tried and tested over the years
  • Break free from the myths and misconceptions you probably believe in that is present in many gyms today and continue defining your abdomen the right way
  • Gain an advantage and get that deeply sculpted midsection quickly with expert advice on proper training and nutrition

9. The Sissy Squat

Did you know that you were taught wrong about squats?

The traditional squats that you are probably doing for the longest time present many problems such as ruining the proportion from your waist down. Correct them immediately by using Monte Wolford’s version of squat, a bodybuilder who Vince argued had perfectly symmetrical legs he’d ever measured.

“Doing the sissy squat as Vince describes in this book is quite the workout. Three sets and quads burn.”

Randy L
  • Get the precise information of what equipment to use and that is easy to find as well
  • Get a beautifully proportionate pair of thighs by practicing this revolutionary squat
  • Prevent overworking your muscles as precise numbers of sets to perform per session
  • Surprise people with a complete transformation of your thigh that is supplemented by a special diet plan and training program

10. Vince’s Six Week Bulk Course

Massive muscles in just 42 days with this simple routine.

Almost all bulking courses are designed primarily to make you gain more and more weight and discounting an unwanted effect of making you look flabby and loss of definition. Find out about this straightforward yet brilliant and impressive workout targeted to give you the best results on your muscles.

“My coworkers even noticed that I’m looking more trim and fit. And my wife loves it too!”

Scott S
  • Direct to the point bulking plan that is sure to give you supreme muscle gains in a less than 50 days
  • Free yourself from common mistakes that bodybuilders make that ruins muscle development and body composition
  • Hail ultimate results by accompanying effective routines with these diet plans to help you get fueled, recover, boost hormones for muscle growth

11. The Pro Series of Nutritional Bodybuilding

A no-nonsense series of routines to attain the best physique you can imagine. 

Covering multiple training courses, nutrition plans, and supplement regimes, The Pro Series of Nutritional Bodybuilding was written for the serious bodybuilder who wants to pile on more muscle and sculpt their body into the best shape imaginable. 

  • Detailed descriptions of how to perform each exercise and training routine, as well as precise food and supplement quantities
  • Discover the 8 rules of weight gain for those who want to build muscle 
  • The ultimate tool kit to prepare yourself for competitive bodybuilding

12. The Vince Gironda File I

Dive deep into Vince’s working mind…

In this book, you’ll discover some of Vince Gironda’s most unique and thought-provoking ideas concerning training, mindset, nutrition, health, and supplementation. Every training idea Vince ever had was put through rigorous experimentation in order to ensure it produced the desired result and would benefit those who tried it. Now you can see and experience all these ideas for yourself. 

  • Outlines the optimal approach to training and nutrition for a bodybuilder and is littered from start to finish with secrets for rapid muscle growth and development
  • Rips apart many of the myths concerning bulking and shaping your muscles, replacing them with training concepts that will trigger muscle growth as you’ve never seen before
  • This book will leave you feeling pumped and excited to get back in the gym and start generating brand new results for your physique

13. The Vince Gironda File II

Compared to Vol. 1, this book gives you a much deeper understanding of Vince Gironda as a person and more insight into his awe-inspiring gym – the training place of many bodybuilding champions, and famous Hollywood actors. Included in this book are his revered articles on Marijuana and Steroid Use, originally published in Iron Man magazine in the 1970s. Once again, Vince demonstrates his incredible knowledge of bodybuilding, from training, nutrition, mindset, supplement, and drug use. 

  • Gain an even deeper understanding of what it takes to achieve optimal health and generate maximum results in the gym, even if you’ve got decades of experience
  • Revealed: 39 of the most common errors in bodybuilding and how to overcome them
  • Build maximum muscle with The Ultimate Muscle Building Diet

14. Vince Gironda’s Second Workout Bulletin (10-8-6-15)

One of Vince Gironda’s most famous muscle-building routines…

The 10-8-6-15 routine was a powerful method Vince used in order to transform muscle size in a very short space of time. Whilst simple on paper, the results will amaze you and everyone around you. Whilst this is a relatively well-known routine, many people performing it today do so incorrectly, thus limiting their results. With this book, you will have the precise instructions on how to follow this programme correctly and reap incredible results.

  • Add size and muscle onto your frame with a routine that’s been tried-and-tested by many champions
  • Building muscle is more than reps and sets, this book tells you all you need to know about generating the greatest muscle growth you’ve ever experienced 
  • Accompanying diet and supplement plan to give you the energy you need to get through each workout and rapidly repair the muscle in between training sessions

15. Vince’s Corner

Get a glimpse of why Vince was a highly sought after coach by many elite-level bodybuilders and Hollywood superstars.

Despite being written 30 years ago, the tips revealed in this book will help many of today’s young and aspiring bodybuilders achieve greatness in the gym and on stage. Not only does this book cover training, nutrition, and supplementation, but there is also a heavily detailed section on posing, and how to maximize your stage presence in front of the judges at bodybuilding contests. Whilst many people remember Vince for his muscle-building methods, many forget that he was also an expert at helping bodybuilders displaying their physique in the most flattering and visually appealing manner possible.

  • A thorough collection of popular articles published in the magazines of the Weider publications
  • No area of bodybuilding is left untouched – exercises, mindset, and training systems for maximal muscle growth are all discussed at length
  • By his own admission, Vince uncovered many shortcuts in bodybuilding for building muscle and openly shares them in the articles featured in Vince’s Corner

16. Why Do Champion’s Muscles Look Different?

Discover what separates champions from everyone else…

‘Why Do Champions Muscles Look Different’ is a deep and fascinating insight from Vince Gironda into what separates champions from the average gym-goer. Whilst many would think that a champion’s success is purely down to their genetics, that is only half of the equation. 

What really separates a champion is their mindset and their attitude towards training, nutrition, and recovery…

  • Even if you haven’t been blessed with great genetics, you are still capable of building an incredible physique if you adopt the right mindset
  • Discover exactly what you need to do in order to help level the playing field and start building muscle size and shaping your body into a thing of beauty
  • What to do instead of constantly changing your workouts around and why this is a bad idea for building and shaping your body


The Vince Gironda book collection is an Aladdin’s cave of training and nutrition gems for anyone involved in bodybuilding, written by one of the greatest bodybuilding trainers of all time –  Golden-era great who strived to achieve that natural, Greek-god body. 

Whether you’re training for your first bodybuilding show, or you’re an experienced champion, you can be sure to find the tips and tricks you need to make faster gains with less effort.

Thank you, Vince, for all you did, your teachings, principles, and relentless pursuit for greatness!


Vince’s books are hard to findWhen you make an investment in any of Vince’s work, be sure that you aren’t wasting money on an illegal bootleg that’s almost impossible to read. 

Use reputable suppliers only, such as or NSP Nutrition

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