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Vince’s Six Week Bulk Course: A Review

Written by Dr Juan Carlos Cassano aka the Golden Era Bookworm

Muscular Bulk. This is what many people would call laying a foundation.

Many beginners nowadays don’t understand the importance of this most important step in one’s bodybuilding journey.

Just look at any natural shows and most competitors look like they POWs fresh from a battle. Ripped to the bone is a fitting description because they barely possess any muscular bulk.

The golden era legends of the past would always work on laying a solid foundation prior to chiseling their physiques down to a polished finish.

This practice would occur months before any competition preparation. Vince’s 6-week Bulk Course provides the novice, intermediate, or even advanced bodybuilder with a program that fulfills this need.

Why The Program Works

As Vince Gironda states in the pages of the booklet Vince’s 6 Week Bulk Course, the purpose of this program is to produce quick size by working non-specifically. But what does Vince mean?

Well, believe it or not, each body part is trained using 4 different exercises, that’s right, 4 different exercises. Not only that, you are supposed to hit each body part 3 times a week!

The overtraining alarm went off in my head at that point. For a while, I was beginning to wonder why Vince would torture his students in trying to obtain muscular bulk.

When I first read the booklet, I had to reread it again to understand why Vince had us do 4 exercises per body part. The reasons why Vince had us do this only dawned on me later when I began to reflect on the program itself.

4 different exercises. Isn’t that overkill?

That’s what I thought until I realized that Vince would only have you perform one set of each exercise!

Now I understood Vince’s genius behind this program, and why he said this course was not a shaping course, but a non-specific course!

You are supposed to hit the muscle at all angles, by performing different exercises, but by only performing one set per exercise, you don’t overtrain, and instead, you stimulate the whole muscle to grow. WOW!! This got me very excited.

Performing a Maximum Intensity Program

With many of Vince’s courses, unless you try them out, you won’t understand Vince’s methods wholeheartedly.

On re-reading the booklet, one thing stuck with me…

Vince mentioned that in order for the program to be effective, you would have to give at least 85% intensity, but not 100% intensity, as this would cause burnout.

85% intensity I thought to myself, that sounds a lot like Mike Mentzer’s theories on bodybuilding. And that’s when the second stroke of Vince’s genius hit me!

In performing only one set for each of the 4 different exercises per body part, you can also use maximum heavy poundages with each exercise without necessarily tiring, because each exercise has a different line of action.

This method of training would lead to greater muscle stimulation than just performing a program with the same exercise performed with the conventional straight sets fashion. Therefore in many ways, it is much like a High-Intensity training program. Performing maximum intensity, you’re muscles are going to blow up, big time, giving you Muscular Bulk!! It makes perfect sense!!!

Man, I love Vince’s way of thinking, and I love discovering these gems of knowledge every time I read these books.

Vince’s Six-Week Bulk Course

As listed in the book, Vince has you training in an upper body: lower body split, training each split 3 times a week, as follows:

Upper Body Split

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Pecs, Lats, Delts, Triceps, Biceps, Forearms

Lower Body Split

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: Thighs, Calves

Again, each body part is trained using 4 different exercises, and for the purposes of this blog, this would require explaining close to 50 different exercises! So I will leave those interested in trying the program to read the detailed information on each exercise found within the booklet.

Vince Gironda’s Nutrition for Maximum Muscular Growth

Vince’s brilliance shines through again in regards to nutrition for muscular growth. Vince’s All Protein Muscle Building Diet is a complete diet that ensures muscular bulk. You will be eating up to a dozen eggs a day, with proteins such as steak, cottage cheese, tuna, lots of fresh vegetable salads, and even a dessert at night!

Optimizing Growth Hormone and Nitrogen Balance

Through Vince’s expert supplementation, Vince has you supplementing on Liver tablets to ensure a positive nitrogen balance. Further still, growth hormone secretion is optimized through a specific free-form amino acid combination with glandular supplementation.

Another Awesome Reproduction!

Once again, www.vincegironda.com has come out with a new reproduction that honors the original publication that circulated during the golden years of bodybuilding. Comparing the newly released reproduction of Vince’s Six Week Bulk Course with my original copy, I can tell you that the new reproduction contains all the information found in the original copy. Not only is every word the same, but because it is Vince’s revised edition, it also contains bonus information that was the product of years of research by Vince! Vince Gironda has done a brilliant job at reproducing this timeless classic.

Arnold After!


As you can see, Vince’s 6-week Bulk Course is a serious muscle bulk gaining course for anyone who is serious about gaining muscle fast. After this maximum hypertrophy course, Vince has you follow up with his Maximum Definition course which will leave you in ripped muscular condition, ready for the beach or physique show!

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