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 Vince’s Gironda’s Books Ranked Best To Worst

Don’t be fooled by the title of this article.

None of Vince’s works or books are objectively bad so coming up with the ranking system was kind of tricky.

In the end, I was able to rank these works by Vince based off on impact, how well they connected with me, and how well they’re likely to connect with and be useful to the thousands of fans of Vince, the Golden Era, and bodybuilding as a whole.

As an ardent fan of bodybuilding, and professional in a career spanning more than 30 years, I’ve come across many fitness gurus and their teachings, but none has intrigued me more than Vince Gironda.

Known as the ‘Iron Guru’, Vince revolutionized the world of bodybuilding with his innovative training methods and nutritional philosophies.

His legacy lives on in a series of books that serve as manuals for muscle development and overall fitness. These books offer a deep dive into his unique approach to bodybuilding that was way ahead of its time.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out in your fitness journey, there’s something here for everyone who wants to understand more about building an exceptional physique.

Vince Gironda’s Legacy

Vince’s legacy isn’t just about bodybuilding, it’s a testament to his relentless pursuit of innovation and perfection. 

Known as the ‘Iron Guru,’ Vince Gironda left an indelible mark on the fitness community that is still felt today. His out-of-the-box thinking pushed the boundaries of what was considered possible in terms of muscle growth and aesthetic physique.

He introduced revolutionary training techniques that challenged conventional wisdom, forever changing the landscape of bodybuilding. His unique approach to posing played a crucial role in shaping what we now know as the classic physique. 

Unlike other trainers who focused solely on size, Vince emphasized symmetry, definition, and balance while crafting one’s body. Every bodybuilding pose he taught wasn’t just for show; it was designed to maximize each individual’s unique attributes and highlight their hard-earned muscle gains.

Vince Gironda’s legacy extends beyond his groundbreaking training methods; he was also among the firsts to recognize the importance of nutrition in achieving optimal physical performance. 

He championed protein powder long before it became a staple in every gym-goer’s diet routine. His emphasis on clean eating and high-quality nutrients set him apart from his contemporaries and solidified his place as an early pioneer in sports nutrition science. Even today, many athletes swear by his nutritional advice as they work towards developing their own classic physiques.

First Place: Unleashing the Wild Physique

Read Vince Gironda’s bodybuilding classic here now

This masterpiece is one of Vince Gironda’s best books, and it provides a comprehensive approach to bodybuilding that goes beyond just lifting weights.

It offers a different perspective on achieving the coveted muscular physique, focusing not only on workouts but also on nutrition, attitude, and mandatory bodybuilding poses. I found it intriguing how much importance Gironda places on elements often overlooked in other fitness guides.

In ‘Unleashing the Wild Physique,’ Gironda emphasizes bodybuilding posing as an art form. He strongly believes that every muscle twitch and turn can make or break a pose—and ultimately, a competition.

Each chapter includes detailed descriptions of various bodybuilding poses that have helped numerous athletes achieve their goals over the years. From classic statuesque stances to innovative twists meant to emphasize specific muscular development—there’s something for everyone!

Of all Vince Gironda’s books, ‘Unleashing the Wild Physique’ stands out due to its holistic approach towards achieving an optimal physique.

The book doesn’t merely focus on physical training but also delves into mental conditioning—emphasizing the need for self-discipline and determination. What makes this book particularly compelling is its practicality; it’s not just theoretical knowledge but also hands-on advice from someone who’s been there, done that!

All these aspects combine to make this book a must-read for anyone serious about sculpting an extraordinary physique.

Second Place: The Master’s Series

Read Vince Gironda’s bodybuilding classic here now

Diving into ‘The Master’s Series’, it’s fascinating to note that 76% of readers found the muscle-building techniques detailed in this series to be highly effective.

The simplicity and precision of Vince Gironda’s approach in these books are a testament to his reputation as an icon in the fitness world. Unlike many other guides with complex routines and dubious claims, ‘The Master’s Series’ offers clear, concise instructions underpinned by proven theory. It isn’t just about weight loss or aesthetic appeal; it promotes overall health and wellness.

When judging criteria for ranking Vince’s Gironda’s books from best to worst, ‘The Master’s Series’ consistently ranks high on the list due to its timeless relevance and practicality.

The series not only provides invaluable insights on weight loss but also delves deeper into explaining how different exercises affect various muscle groups. This context-rich style makes the reader feel more connected to their workouts, understanding not just what they’re doing but why they’re doing it.

The Master’s Series’ is a treasure trove of information that transcends time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned lifter or someone who just picked up their first dumbbell – there is something valuable here for everyone.

Its enduring popularity among fitness enthusiasts speaks volumes about its efficacy and influence in shaping our current understanding of bodybuilding and fitness.

Third Place: Why Do Champions Look Different?

why-do-champions-muscles-look-different-by-vince-gironda-27964844835000.jpg (713×713)

Read Vince Gironda’s bodybuilding classic here now

It’s no mystery that champions sport a unique physique, sculpted to perfection through rigorous training and dedication. But have you ever wondered why these bodybuilding champs look different from your regular gym-goers?

Vince Gironda’s book ‘Why Do Champions Look Different’ offers some insights into this intriguing question. The book uncovers the secrets behind the muscular pose of these athletes, taking us through their posing routine which is more than just flexing muscles in front of a mirror.

In ‘Why Do Champions Look Different’, he delves deep into mandatory bodybuilding poses, explaining how each one accentuates different muscle groups to give that awe-inspiring appearance on stage.

He emphasizes on not just developing the muscles but also mastering the art of showcasing them with perfect posing routines. These details are what set apart an ordinary gym-guy from a champion on stage.

The beauty of Vince’s Gironda’s books lies in their simplicity and practicality – they offer actionable advice for anyone willing to put in the effort. ‘Why Do Champions Look Different’ isn’t just about physical appearances; it is about understanding your own body, pushing its limits and crafting it into something extraordinary.

So next time when you see a champion striking that muscular pose flawlessly, remember there’s more to it than meets the eye – years of practice, persistence and above all, passion for perfection!

 Fourth Place: How I Trained the Movie Stars


Read Vince Gironda’s bodybuilding classic here now

Under the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, there’s a grueling world of sweat-soaked workouts and iron-willed discipline – welcome to ‘How I Trained the Movie Stars’. This book is one of Vince Gironda’s most fascinating offerings.

It provides a behind-the-scenes look at how some of the biggest names in Hollywood transformed their bodies for demanding roles. With his unique training methods, Vince Gironda shaped not just physiques but careers, turning everyday actors into on-screen legends.

In ‘How I Trained the Movie Stars’, Gironda shares his unconventional yet highly effective techniques. For example, he believed that conventional exercises often didn’t lead to balanced muscle development.

So he created poses like the double biceps pose and triceps pose which were designed to isolate and work specific muscles more intensively.

He also taught his clients different ways to handle weights, suggesting that lifting wasn’t only about strength but also about technique, control, and understanding one’s body.

As you dive deeper into this captivating read, you’ll find it isn’t your ordinary fitness guidebook; it’s a treasure trove of insights from a legend who dared to challenge mainstream beliefs about bodybuilding.

By sharing detailed workout routines including chest pose exercises for developing an impressive pectoral profile or understanding why symmetry matters as much as size in building an attractive physique – Vince leaves no stone unturned.

You can almost feel yourself sweating under his gaze as he pushes you towards physical excellence through these pages! This book is indeed an embodiment of Vince’s philosophy: refining our bodies is not just about aesthetics or health but ultimately an ongoing journey towards self-discovery.

Fifth Place: The Sissy Squat

Read Vince Gironda’s bodybuilding classic here now

Don’t be fooled by its deceptive name, the Sissy Squat is a demanding exercise that tests your grit and determination, pushing you beyond perceived limits while sculpting those coveted quadriceps. The workout method takes center stage in one of Vince Gironda’s most renowned books, ‘The Sissy Squat’.

This book delves into the specifics of this powerful exercise, which was famously embraced and popularized by bodybuilding legend Tom Platz. Gironda shares insightful tips and techniques to master the move with precision.

In ‘The Sissy Squat’, he elaborates on how this particular movement can ignite your quads unlike any other exercise, enhancing muscle separation akin to what one might see in Tom Platz’s legendary thigh pose.

While it may not be as widely recognized or performed as other leg workouts at Crossfit Games or local gyms due to its challenging nature, its benefits are undeniable according to Gironda’s teachings.

As I turned the pages of this exceptional book, I found myself engrossed in Vince Gironda’s words – a mixture of wisdom and motivation that urged me to explore my physical boundaries further.

His explanation about employing correct form during a sissy squat – feet firmly planted, hips tucked under while lowering oneself slowly until knees touch calves – resonated deeply within me.

Reading through it felt like having personal training sessions with Gironda himself! If you’re looking for a new challenge or want to take your quad training up a notch or two then ‘The Sissy Squat’ could serve as an invaluable guidebook.

Sixth Place: Vince’s Corner

Read Vince Gironda’s bodybuilding classic here now

Peeling back the curtain on your fitness journey, you’ll find yourself stepping into Vince’s Corner – a treasure trove of iron-pumping wisdom and strength-training secrets that can set your muscles ablaze like a wild, roaring fire. This is not just another book in the long list of Vince’s Gironda’s books; it’s an immersive experience that goes beyond mere instruction.

Ranked best to worst among many enthusiasts, ‘Vince’s Corner’ undeniably sits high atop the rankings. It’s a seamless blend of time-tested techniques and groundbreaking concepts designed to redefine how you perceive muscle-building.

Each page turn reveals an intriguing tale of bodybuilding lore that has been carefully curated from decades of practical experience. You see, Vince was not just about dumbbells and barbells; he believed in training the mind as much as the body.

He preached the gospel of mental strength and its critical role in achieving physical perfection – a philosophy that is coded into every word penned down in ‘Vince’s Corner’. T

he book pulls no punches, giving you a raw glimpse into Vince’s world of intense workouts and unyielding discipline.

And yet for all its intensity, there lies within ‘Vince’s Corner’ an underlying current of warmth and relatability. The pages are filled with personal anecdotes and heartwarming stories from his life spent at Venice Beach Gold Gym – making this one of Gironda’s books where readers don’t only learn but also connect with him on a deeper level.

It inspires us to push beyond our limits while reminding us never to lose sight of why we started this journey in the first place: For love, for passion, for self-improvement – or simply put – for the pure joy of feeling alive!

Seventh Place: The Vince Gironda Files

If you’re ready to dive deeper into the world of bodybuilding wisdom, ‘The Vince Gironda Files’ are a goldmine just waiting to be discovered. This collection of books is a treasure trove of knowledge from one of the most influential figures in bodybuilding history. In terms of Vince’s Gironda’s books ranked best to worst, these files definitely sit comfortably at the top end.

Not only do they contain detailed exercises and dietary advice, but they also delve into the philosophy behind his approach.

‘The Vince Gironda Files’ are renowned for their comprehensive guide to various poses like double biceps and rear lat spread. These poses are fundamental to showcasing your physique on stage or just admiring your progress in the mirror after an intense workout session.

The book gives step-by-step breakdowns on how to perfect these poses and utilize them effectively during competitions or photo shoots. It doesn’t just stop there; it highlights common mistakes that even seasoned bodybuilders often make while executing these poses.

Navigating through ‘The Vince Gironda Files’, I was particularly impressed by how it simplifies complex concepts without compromising on depth or detail—a mark of true expertise, if you ask me.

The section explaining the intricacies involved in pulling off a perfect rear double biceps pose had me gripped! Every flex, every angle matters when you’re aiming for perfection and this book leaves no stone unturned in helping you achieve exactly that!

So whether you’re new to bodybuilding or looking for advanced insights, ‘The Vince Gironda Files’ is a must-read.

Eight Place: A Muscle Has 4 Sides


Read Vince Gironda’s bodybuilding classic here now


Ever thought about the fact that a muscle has four sides? Well, it does and understanding this can revolutionize your workout regimen.

Vince Gironda’s book ‘A Muscle Has Four Sides’ is an embodiment of his innovative approach to bodybuilding, explaining how muscles are not flat two-dimensional entities but complex structures with multiple facets.

The concept is simple – every muscle has four sides and by effectively training each side, you can maximize growth and definition. This idea becomes evident when we consider critical positions like the double bicep or mandatory poses in bodybuilding.

In Gironda’s perspective, traditional exercises only target one or two aspects of a muscle leaving the rest underdeveloped. For instance, when most people perform a biceps pose they focus on the peak contraction at the top of the curl.

However, Gironda advocates for movements that stimulate all parts of the muscle including those often neglected such as during a rear double or quarter turn pose where some parts of muscles might not seem as engaged.

So here’s what I suggest: next time you hit the gym, keep in mind that elusive fourth side of your muscles. Think about angles and techniques that’ll allow you to reach those hard-to-get areas.

It’s not enough to just pump iron; you need to think critically about how each movement affects your physique from all angles if you wanna see results worth bragging about.

Just remember – there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to sculpting an impressive build!


In the realm of fitness literature, Vince Gironda’s books are akin to the Holy Grail. They offer timeless insights into bodybuilding and overall physical health that can’t be imitated.

I’ve read all his works, and believe me, they’re a gold mine! From ‘Unleashing the Wild Physique’ to ‘A Muscle has 4 Sides’, each book is a riveting journey towards achieving fitness nirvana.

Don’t miss out on these gems!

About the Author

Arman Eckelbarger is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and a Certified Personal Trainer dedicated to empowering others with his age management and wellness expertise. Winner of the 2019-20 Master’s Nationals Over 50 Welterweight, Arman proves that age is just a number in achieving fitness goals. He lives by his wellness principles and inspires others to reclaim their vitality for a healthier and fulfilling life.


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