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How Tom Platz Built The Biggest Quads In Bodybuilding History

Tom Platz’s defined squats took the bodybuilding community’s definition to what a bodybuilder’s legs should look like to a new level.

A legendary figure in bodybuilding, Platz is renowned for his massive quadriceps muscles, earning him the title of having the biggest quads in bodybuilding history and the ultimate title of ‘Quadfather.’

According to reports, the very sound of Platz hitting the leg press and leg extensions was enough to shake the gym up and send chills down people’s spines.

Asides from having the biggest, most defined quads in bodybuilding history, the Quadfather was also known for his die-hard training methods, and unbelievable work ethic.

Early Life and Introduction to Bodybuilding

Tom Platz’s journey into bodybuilding began with his passion for weightlifting. He quickly realized that building impressive quads required a unique approach. Platz believed in pushing himself to the limits and embracing innovative methods to maximize muscle growth. His training philosophy focused on intense workouts designed to challenge every fiber of his quadriceps. By constantly seeking new ways to create tension in his muscles and incorporating advanced techniques like drop sets and supersets, Platz stimulated immense growth in his quads.

The Training Philosophy of Tom Platz

‘I was built to squat’

– Tom Platz

Platz’s training philosophy revolved around high-volume training, going deep, and utilizing a full range of motion to maximize muscle growth. He believed in the importance of intensity techniques to push his leg training to the extreme and overcome plateaus. Additionally, Platz emphasized the mind-muscle connection, fully engaging his mind with each rep to forge an unparalleled connection between his mind and muscles.

The Squat: The Cornerstone of Platz’s Leg Development

Tom Platz

Despite being crowned the undisputable king of quads, Platz himself didn’t start squatting until much later in his career, having being spooked off squats as a teenager.

Nevertheless, Platz understood the significance of the squat as the cornerstone of his leg development. This compound movement targeted multiple muscle groups simultaneously, making it an efficient way to build strength and size in the legs. By incorporating squats into his routine, Platz challenged his muscles in a way that no other exercise could. He performed squats with heavy weights and a full range of motion, stimulating muscle growth and developing massive quads.

Going Deep: The Importance of Full Range of Motion

Platz emphasized the importance of going deep in every squat rep, achieving a full range of motion. This technique engaged more muscle fibers and stimulated greater growth. By focusing on proper form and driving the knees outwards while maintaining alignment with the toes, Platz maximized muscle activation. Performing slow negatives, explosive concentric movements, and incorporating pauses further enhanced muscle development.

Intensity Techniques: Taking Leg Training to the Extreme

To take leg training to the extreme, Platz mastered intensity techniques like drop sets and supersets. Drop sets involved performing an exercise until failure and immediately decreasing the weight to continue for more repetitions, pushing muscles to their limits. Supersets, on the other hand, paired two exercises back-to-back without rest, maximizing muscle recruitment and metabolic demand. These techniques promoted hypertrophy and muscular definition, contributing to Platz’s massive quads.

Overcoming Plateaus: Platz’s Strategies for Continued Growth


Platz overcame plateaus by varying the intensity of his workouts, constantly changing exercises, rep ranges, and weights. He prioritized the mind-muscle connection, feeling every contraction deeply to maximize muscle fiber recruitment. Platz pushed himself beyond his comfort zone, lifting heavy weights and performing drop sets to force his muscles to adapt and continue growing.

Nutrition and Supplementation: Fueling Quad Growth

Proper nutrition and supplementation played a crucial role in Platz’s quad development. He focused on consuming high-quality calories from whole foods rich in protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Platz also relied on protein shakes and amino acid supplements to support muscle growth and repair. Additionally, he used creatine and branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) to enhance strength, power, and recovery.

Recovery and Rest: Allowing Quads to Grow

Maximizing quad growth required prioritizing recovery and rest. Platz incorporated rest days into his training program to allow his muscles to heal and adapt. Quality sleep played a vital role in muscle repair and growth. Active recovery techniques like foam rolling, stretching, and low-intensity cardio further promoted quad growth by increasing blood flow and flushing out metabolic waste products.

Legendary Leg Workouts: Platz’s Training Routine

Platz’s training routine revolved around heavy compound exercises like squats and leg presses. He performed multiple sets of 10-12 reps with heavy weights, focusing on high volume training. Isolation exercises such as hack squats, lunges, leg extensions, and leg curls targeted different angles and muscle fibers within the quadriceps. Platz’s dedication to pushing boundaries and consistently challenging himself led to the development of the biggest quads in bodybuilding history.

In conclusion, Tom Platz’s dedication, innovative training methods, and focus on the mind-muscle connection allowed him to build the biggest quads in bodybuilding history. By incorporating his training philosophy, embracing intensity techniques, prioritizing nutrition, recovery, and rest, and following his legendary leg workouts, aspiring bodybuilders can strive for similar levels of quad development and make their mark in the world of bodybuilding.

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Arman Eckelbarger is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and a Certified Personal Trainer dedicated to empowering others with his age management and wellness expertise. Winner of the 2019-20 Master’s Nationals Over 50 Welterweight, Arman proves that age is just a number in achieving fitness goals. He lives by his wellness principles and inspires others to reclaim their vitality for a healthier and fulfilling life.

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